Winter wardrobe basics

Getting to work yesterday was a disaster. The weather was awful – the strong wind meant the rain was sweeping across in horizontal waves (umbrella quickly consigned to Argyll Street’s infamous brolly cemetery) and by the time I got to the office I was soaked through. A cab home and back (£15 down – grrrr) and I was at my desk more suitably dressed for winter.

This is my new favourite jumper, which I think I’ll be living in for the next 6 months. Bought at the weekend, reduced from £38 to £15 in the River Island sale. I like the colours and the ever-so-slightly swingy shape:


While in River Island I found a few other things to add to the wishlist. This grey jumper would be a good basic for wearing with black jeans or shorts:


On the subject of shorts, this tailored pair would come in useful as they’re slightly dressier than the ones I already have. These could be worn over different types of woolly, coloured and ribbed tights, which means I wouldn’t get bored with them:


I really want a pair of Chelsea boots and the heel on these would save my trousers from trailing on wet pavements. Yesterday I realised that I have too many suede/impractical boots and shoes, so buying these would be totally justified!


How do you cope with getting to work on horrible rainy days (or are you lucky enough to have a car – swoon!).


6 Responses to “Winter wardrobe basics”

  1. Susie

    I really want a pair of Chelsea boots too! It’s so hard to decide between them, though. They look so comfortable and you can pretty much pair them with anything. I’ve actually never shopped at River Island before, but am totally tempted by the sale now :)

  2. Sherin

    I’m definitely going to stock up on jumpers this winter. They’ll be perfect for layering. The love the grey one.

  3. Sisters Don't Share

    I love that jumper! Can’t believe what a good price you got it for. Ahhhhh River Island have such nice stuff in at the moment, it’s dangerous! x

  4. creativefashionglee

    Knitted sweater is really a must. And those boots are gorgeous and very versatile. :)

  5. Sabine

    Great buy, Sarah. Also loving the grey one (big fan of raglan sleeves). Driving to work still calls for loads of cosy sweaters to live in the next few months :)


  6. cambridge satchel company

    dreadful rain. Love the shorts by the way :)

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