Introducing Project Take10

One of the best things about blogging is the community aspect – meeting lots of lovely people and sharing ideas and inspiration. To build on this, a few of us have got together to form Project Take10.

We’re a group of 10 fashion bloggers who have joined together to share our style. We’ll be running regular challenges where we all style the same item from our sponsors, each showing our take on it. We’ll also be clothes swapping to show how we’d wear each other’s fashion favourites. 

Project Take10

You’ll probably be familiar with most of these lovely ladies, but the Take10 girls are (clockwise from top centre):

Jen from A Little Bird Told Me, Leia from Leia’s Delights, MJ from Dreaming Spires and Old Car Tyres, Vicki from Magpie Girl, Shini from Park & Cube, Sabine from Psynopsis, Adele from Molto Curiosa, Sherin from HiFashion and Saskia from Not Just Medical.

Our first style challenge will be coming in a few weeks – follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated on our plans.


32 Responses to “Introducing Project Take10”

  1. Leia

    Yay! :D

  2. Cristina

    Wow! It sounds like a great idea! I’m looking forward to it. Ciao

  3. jemina

    WOW, how interesting!!! XOXO

  4. Amis in Ascot

    What a great idea! Look forward to you styling some of the other bloggers fashion :)

  5. Style of a Fashionista

    Cool idea cant wait to see how you all style each piece xoxo

  6. Alex

    This looks like such fun. Some of my fave bloggers are part of it and I’ll have to go and check out the others.

  7. Sabine

    Up an running. We did it! xoxo

  8. kirsty

    sounds brilliant xxxx

  9. Lynzy

    this looks like so much fun!! wish I lived near ya’ll so I could participate!!

  10. Nicola

    Fantastic idea. Look forward to seeing where it takes you. Will need to have a wee nosy at the other girls blogs as well. x

  11. Milly

    LOVe this!

    I especially like that I havnt really heard of most of the bloggers, and they have not just picked the same few, that get all the oppertunities, who have thousands of followers!

    yay for giving the small guys a chance!

    look forwartd to reading all the posts, have subscribed to you all!


  12. Vix

    Sounds an interesting concept. The three bloggers I follow (you, Jen and Sabine) are all completely different so it should be fascinating. xxx

  13. Grace

    Really excited to see what you all do :) I love MJ’s blog and her style, should be interesting!

    Grace x

  14. Couture Carrie

    Love this idea!
    Fabulous looks!


  15. Dancing Branflake

    I heard about this I am so excited that my favorite bloggeres are taking part. YAya!

  16. heart charlie

    Sounds awesome! I am looking forward to this ;)

  17. jemina


  18. bymyheels

    Great and interesting idea! I’m going to watch the 10 blogs… :D

    Thanks for your lovely comment


  19. vintjunky

    Congratulations hon!
    can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with


  20. Imogen

    Wow this project sounds like so much fun and it must be great to participate. How did it all start?

  21. Sarah

    @Imogen – there’s a similar project in the US called the Delightful Dozen. That’s where we got our inspiration! x

  22. Lady Bug Says

    Looks like a great project!

  23. Marion*

    great idea! like it!:)


  24. Cafe Fashionista

    I’m so glad to see you as a part of this fabulous project, my love!! :)

  25. Missy

    oh i love that you’ve formed a blog alliance!

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  26. shari @ little blue deer

    I saw this on Sabine’s blog, it is going to be so awesome! XO!

  27. Platform Princess

    Oooh, miss fancy pants, how exciting!
    Can’t wait to see yor style choices.


  28. Stéphanie

    Sarah ! That’s a great project !!!

  29. ms. Chyme

    that’s a good idea!

  30. marchmusings

    Nice one! Looking forward to those posts

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