Macmillan ice bucket challenge

Macmillan is a charity I’m more than happy to support as I know people who’ve benefited from the great work they do – and pretty much everyone I know has been impacted by cancer in some way.

Bridget Fraser, my sis-in-law, nominated me for this. Thanks Bridget!

I’ve texted my donation to Macmillan to support the campaign. Looking forward to seeing the videos from my three nominees…




I’ve always preferred round neck tops and on the whole stayed away from V-necks. However, as is the fashion industry’s wont, a new style has been invented to keep us adding to our wardrobes!

Introducing the U-neck, in the form of this super-soft vest from Topshop, which I’ve bought in black, grey and white after a recommendation from my friend Vicky (“Looks like Alexander Wang, costs a tenner.”):



It’s great when you find a cheap everyday basic that you love. :)


Souvenir di Roma

Spent the weekend in Rome with one of my best friends, enjoying the fabulous architecture and beautiful ruins. It was my third trip to Rome (one previous for work and one for fun) and I can imagine visiting many, many times and still having loads to discover. I still feel I’ve only scratched the surface of all there is to see.

Somewhat surprisingly, we only ventured into a couple of shops in the whole time we were there. While exploring some back streets near the Piazza Navona, we stumbled across a little vintage handbag shop where I checked out an LV number from 2001. After a Prosecco pit stop and a bit of haggling it was mine! A very nice souvenir from our trip:


A few pics from our wandering:
















Rome is perfect for a weekend break - an easy 2.5 hour flight from Glasgow, great weather, tons to see and – very importantly – fantastic food and vino. Highly recommended. :)


White Birkies

A couple of weeks ago the nice folks at Cloggs contacted me and invited me to try out their site. I hadn’t heard of them before so tentatively took a look, expecting it to be clogs (which I’m really not a fan of) and not much else. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see they stock a few of my favourite comfy/weekend/at home shoe brands including Uggs, FitFlops and my much-loved Birkenstocks.

The site was easy to navigate - with good, clear photography - and I managed to place an order for white patent Birkies very quickly and with no problems. The shoes arrived, nicely packed, a couple of days later. All in all a really good customer experience.

Worn at the weekend with printed culottes (so loose and swishy - they hide a multitude of sins!) and a PVC top (BIG mistake in the current heat!):


Many thanks to Cloggs for inviting me to try out their site (and gifting me these awesome shoes).


Topshop fashion event

On Tuesday evening I travelled through to Edinburgh to take part in a panel discussion at an event that Topshop was running as part of the Edinburgh Fashion Festival. With around 200 people expected I was a bit nervous, but ended up really enjoying it (helped by my friend Vicky coming along for support, and a glass of Prosecco before taking to the ‘stage’!). It was informal and fun, with a good level of audience participation.



As a thank you, Topshop gave each of us panellists a gift card. I used mine to buy a few things from the new collection.

A slouchy duster coat that will be handy when the weather turns a little cooler (this is a re-issue – I really wanted it when it first came out in April but it sold out too fast for me):


A simple black jumper made more interesting by lace detailing:


I’m a sucker for anything with roses on, so was immediately drawn towards these trousers. I love the print:


Big thanks to Topshop for inviting me to take part in this event – it was a really good experience.


The waiting game

The Zara sale is always a big disappointment in the first few weeks. £130 item reduced by a tenner = sale bargain? I don’t think so!

It’s a different story a few weeks in though and there are really good discounts to be had. I’m keeping an eye on this jacket, currently reduced from £70 to £50:


I’m quite prepared to play the waiting game. Once it’s down to £35 or less I’ll make my move!


Up all night

I bought a T-shirt with the words ‘Up all night’ on it in an attempt to convince the world (and myself) that I’ve still got it/live life never quite knowing where the night’s going to take me*:


Reduced to £8 in the Toppers sale if you too feel the need to communicate your midlife crisis to everyone you meet. :)

#deluded #tragic #salepurchase

*Usually to bed by 9pm with a good book – and that’s OK!