Holiday clothes – part 2

I’ve been shopping around online looking for holiday clothes for my upcoming trip to Thailand and Vietnam (only 3 weeks to go!). We’re spending 6 nights on Koh Chang, which translates as Elephant Island and I’ve found the perfect beach cover-up in the form of this elephant print kimono from Ark:


While browsing the site I also come across this monochrome maxi dress, which is an absolute bargain at £7:

Maxi dress

Next stop Primark to stock up on cheap vest tops and hopefully find a nice pair of denim shorts that aren’t too short!


New jeans

New jeans from Toppers:

My partner: Her from Steps that was fat and then thin and then fat again was wearing these on Mail Online yesterday.

Me: Are you sure it wasn’t Kate Moss, international style icon?

My partner: Nope, it was definitely the fat one from Steps.

Crushed! *sigh*


First holiday purchases

At work at around 8.20am today, when it was cold and grey and drizzly outside, I had the happy thought that this is the last time I’ll do the full working week for quite a wee while (7 weeks to be precise – woop!) thanks to Easter, bank hols, a Paris mini-break with the parentals and the main event.

It’s 4 weeks on Friday til we fly out to Thailand.  I was naughty on the Topshop website last week but am sensibly returning most of the ‘presents’ that arrived at the weekend. No point in paying Toppers £30+ for beachy stuff that can be picked up for a few quid at the Bangkok markets.

There were a couple of things I couldn’t resist keeping though. This orange bikini that has unusual back detailing:


And this beach cover-up:


Everyone needs a bit of gold lurex on the beach, right? ;)


Old favourite

Velvet studded cardigan – much loved, missing for six months, much missed:


Rediscovered last week at the very, very back of my partner’s wardrobe, just before the entrance to Narnia. :)


Velvet cardigan: Zara


Today I bought two things. The first was a pair of Cheap Monday black skinny jeans, which I live in (plain for the office, with leather bits for the weekend):


They were reduced from £50 t0 £20 in Urban Outfitters - the catch being they’re a size down from my normal bottom width. In what has possibly been my greatest ever false economy to date, I offset this with the purchase of one of Davina McCall’s exercise bikes:


The Argos website did a grand job of trying to cross-sell me with its ‘You might also like…’ range of accessories for the housebound bike. Noticeable by its absence though was a cup holder for my G&T. ;)


Holiday outfit planning

I’ve got a few holidays lined up for this year. There’s a long weekend in Paris in the springtime with my parents (our wee weekend break to Prague last year seems to have become an annual event, which is something nice to look forward to during the cold, dark winter months). This will be followed by a proper summer holiday with my partner to Thailand and Vietnam (can’t wait!) and a trip to San Francisco towards the end of the year to spend Thanksgiving with our friend Tom.

The upside of all these holidays in different places at different times of the year is that it’s possible to justify any new clothing purchase as being ‘for the holiday’! The downside is that I need to be selective in my holiday outfit planning otherwise there’s going to be no money left in budget for spending money once we’re there (and these cocktails won’t buy themselves – unfortunately!).

I was recently asked to take a look at the new collections and pick my top buys. With my holidays in mind, I’ve had a look at what I think will be the most versatile investments this year.

First up, every year I like to treat myself to a new pair of sunglasses for my hols. Although they’re an accessory they’re actually one of the most important holiday purchases as you end up wearing them pretty much all day every day (unless you’re unlucky enough to get rain – hopefully not, we get enough of that at home!). My current favourites are these tortoiseshell cat-eye sunglasses - I love the sexy retro shape:


Next up, for a summer holiday at least, is a kaftan – that all-important cover-up when you’re walking to/from the beach or hitting the beach bar. My favourite fashion blogger – Columbine Smille - always looks fantastic in her holiday kaftans. If only we could all look so glamorous (and toned and tanned!) on the beach:


Finally, I like to have a big bag that can be used as hand luggage on the plane, but also doubles up as a day bag for citybreak sight-seeing or as a beach bag. Longchamps is my favourite label for this kind of bag – as seen on Vogue:


It remains to be seen how much of a holiday wish list I end up with this year. I’m really going to try to take a quality over quantity approach and travel light though – it’s soooo much easier all round. Wish me luck!


Pastel pink

Nothing beats pastels for making you feel like spring is just around the corner. For now, I’m squashing this under a big overcoat til the weather warms up:



Jacket: Zara