My blogging story

Unbelievably I’ve been blogging for almost five years now – and I didn’t consciously set out to start a blog! This blog actually began life as a work project rather than a personal pastime. Five years ago I was working at a digital marketing agency and the bosses wanted us to learn about social media. Since learning by doing is often the best way to really understand something, they set us all up as users on the company WordPress blogging platform and launched a competition to see who could build the best blog over a three week period.

We were told that we could blog about anything we wanted – work-related or otherwise. I decided to make my blog about fashion/shopping as I’d started reading other fashion blogs and enjoyed them. And due to my love of clothes I realised I’d never run out of things to write about, even if I could only afford to window shop! The name of my blog was a play on the WordPress tagline at the time – We blog therefore we are. A colleague in the agency’s design team created my header for me:


After the initial launch of the competition it was never mentioned again at work so most people lost interest and abandoned their blogs. I’d found blogging to be an enjoyable hobby through and was enjoying meeting other clothes-obsessed folks online through the blogging community and Twitter so decided to keep it going.

My main worry was how to get my content off the work blogging platform and set up my own independent blog. A friend helped me buy my domain name and export my content to a new blog as I’m not particularly technical. He also helped me out by hosting my blog free of charge but there are good hosting companies out there who are happy to help get things set up.

For the first few years I stuck to a rigid three times a week publishing schedule but over the past year or so I’ve eased up a lot as my personal circumstances have changed and my home life now takes far greater priority. I can’t envisage giving up the blog altogether though as I’ve met some lovely people through it and have been lucky enough to have been given some great opportunities, such as being part of the panel at this year’s Topshop Edinburgh Fashion Festival event:


You don’t need to be technical to set up and run a blog. The biggest commitment is time. Most people probably underestimate how much time it takes to write copy, take/edit photos, promote your blog and build a following. In the early years I put hours and hours each week into my blog – time that I just don’t have anymore.

As hobbies go though it can be incredibly rewarding, and also act as an online diary that helps you chart your development – both sartorially and personally. I really hope I’m still doing this in five years’ time.


San Francisco trip

The final batch of photos from our San Francisco visit. Looking at the weather outside just now, Californian sunshine seems like a dim and distant memory!









It’s normally quite hard saying bye to Tom as generally we only get to meet up every other year. This time it was different as Tom and Hamish are coming to the UK for Christmas. We’ve a festive evening at ours organised for next weekend – looking forward to it already. :)


Thanksgiving 2014

Some pics from Thanksgiving Day in San Francisco. We stayed at home (well, Tom’s home) all day eating, drinking and catching up on all the news, and it was wonderful.

I’m wearing a shirt I’d bought the day before in Abercrombie & Fitch. It’s so soft and cosy – definitely my new favourite item of clothing for lazy days. We started as we meant to continue, with Buck’s Fizz for breakfast!




I can’t take any credit for the amazing turkey dinner we enjoyed, but I’m not half bad at washing up!


San Francisco 2014 – Part 1

Pics from the first few days of our San Francisco trip last week. We stayed with Tom – one of my oldest and bestest friends (from Glasgow uni days) – and it was lovely to spend time with him and his wee boy Hamish.

They picked us up from the airport on Saturday afternoon at 4.30pm local time, which equated to 12.30am UK time - after 16 hours of travelling and turning the clock back 8 hours. We had dinner at Tom’s and I’m amazed we managed to stay up blethering til the wee small hours (suspect the red wine helped!):

First night:




On our first proper day we went to a Chinese restaurant for a dim sum lunch, which was a good experience, then drove around town for some city and Golden Gate Bridge sightseeing:











More to follow. :)


Azendi at House of Fraser

House of Fraser were recently kind enough to invite me to browse their online jewellery range and pick my favourite item. Although there are many lovely things on the site, I chose a pair of feather design earrings from Azendi.

I already have a few Azendi items and really like the brand – they do high quality jewellery at very reasonable prices (these earrings cost just £25). The design is quirky enough to add a bit of interest without being OTT:


Big thanks to House of Fraser for thinking of me.


Mix up

This afternoon I popped along to my local River Island store to collect an order I’d placed online. This is what I ordered – a longline shirtdress to wear over leggings in San Francisco next week:


This is what arrived – a distinctly non-longline top! I tried it on for a laugh but the sight of my middle-aged midriff in it made me want to cry. My crop top days are definitely over!


I’ll be heading back to River Island tomorrow to exchange this top for pretty much anything that covers my tummy!


Jump (for my love)

I’ve wanted a jumpsuit for ages and came across this one in River Island yesterday afternoon. A fortuitous find that saved me the trouble of ironing the dress I’d been planning to wear to last night’s do (an expensive shortcut, admittedly!):



Apparently someone else was wearing the exact same jumpsuit last night but I didn’t see her, thankfully. I love the high street but hate the thought of turning up at an event wearing the same thing as someone else. #awkward

I think this will be a really versatile item though - will be worn with heels and a leather jacket in San Fran in a few weeks time, with the same on Christmas/New Year nights out and on the beach with flip flops in Thailand next spring. :)